Learn More about DevOps

IdeaCrew uses an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to DevOps. IaC empowers us to be hyper-productive, providing clients higher quality deliverables and services faster and at a lower cost. IdeaCrew’s team of DevOps engineers includes experts in Cloud infrastructure architecture & operations, Cloud security, enterprise architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies, disaster recovery and continuity of operations.

Applying the same lean Agile concepts as our developers, IdeaCrew’s DevOps engineers use automated tools to provision, configure, manage and update computer servers, storage, network, security and related services (typically in cloud-based or hybrid data center/cloud environments). Connecting monitoring agents with communication tools, IT engineers can observe and improve system infrastructure performance, maintainability, reliability, resiliency and security.

Also core to our success is our Development Workbench. Our established Development Workbench processes and integrated support tools enable IdeaCrew to achieve hyper productive development velocity while promoting stakeholder collaboration and transparency into project progress. Our Development Workbench resources include:

  • Slack as a communication medium—a collaborative environment for direct and group messaging, screen sharing, and system event notifications;
  • Redmine for development tracking—a tool to create, update, resolve and track reported system bugs, features and issues, and to capture system requirements and design artifacts;
  • Git as a distributed software version control repository—enables developers to commit, rollback and tag software versions;
  • Continuous integration—tools that orchestrate comprehensive regression tests on new and updated software, automatically deploy passing software to test environment servers; and
  • Test environments—provide stakeholders early access to software under development.