“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

IdeaCrew uses a Lean Agile approach to development. We deliver functionality into production early in the development process and continue to do so on regular intervals throughout the project. This allows you to see real functionality in production as the system build progresses, reducing risk and leading to better outcomes aligned with business expectations.
Open Source
The IdeaCrew team produces and is an advocate of open source software. Open source is ideal for government leaders who want to quickly produce high-quality solutions, reduce costly commercial software licensing fees, manage risk throughout the development process, and ultimately maintain the code as a government asset.
We are also cloud computing experts. Both of our state exchange clients are independently hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. In addition to the major performance improvements, IdeaCrew’s cloud-migrated customers have realized faster development-to-production solutions and substantial cost savings over previous data center-only approaches.
Combining Agile methods, open source software and cloud infrastructure all help contribute to IdeaCrew’s dedication to transparency. This includes solution transparency by engaging stakeholders as co-creators in building technology, cost transparency through accurate, up-front estimates and on-budget delivery, and project status transparency by measuring progress in terms of working, tested, in-production software.
DevOps Culture
IdeaCrew uses an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to DevOps. IaC empowers us to be hyper-productive, providing clients higher quality deliverables and services faster and at a lower cost. IdeaCrew’s team of DevOps engineers includes experts in Cloud infrastructure architecture & operations, Cloud security, enterprise architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies, disaster recovery and continuity of operations.
IdeaCrew built the first modular Health Insurance Exchanges (“HIX”) for the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority. At initial launch, states and the Federal Marketplace relied on big bang deployments. These deployments, which ran into the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars, failed almost universally. Whether an Exchange survived depended on how it reacted to the failures. The DC Exchange chose IdeaCrew to build a replacement Exchange over time, module-by-module. We developed these cloud-hosted, open source code modules using IdeaCrew’s lean Agile methodology. As a result, DC can lay claim to the first modular Exchange, and IdeaCrew is the vendor that built it.