IdeaCrew is a full service IT and clinical consultancy. We offer a cadre of experienced former leaders who have served federal and state government at the highest levels. Our team has led agencies through challenging start-up phases, crisis situations, and transition to normal operations. Our IT professionals have worked side-by-side with our consultants during these challenges, and we have a unique perspective on the role that IT plays in the delivery of the agency’s core mission.

IdeaCrew’s consulting services include:

  • Management consulting
  • Technology strategic planning
  • Architecture design
  • System integration
  • Software development
  • Cloud infrastructure design and operation
  • Data analytics, reporting and visualization

Clinical Work

Case Study:  Maryland Behavioral Health Administration

In 2017-2018, we were engaged by the State of Maryland Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to evaluate the status of the five state-operated psychiatric hospitals, who provide services to adults with behavioral and mental health needs.  As the hospitals historically operated independent of each other, the IdeaCrew consultation focused on designing an effective and contemporary model of a state-wide system of hospital care.  This shared system will provide high-quality care in each state hospital to ensure patient experience does not significantly vary depending on where they are admitted.

Case Study:  Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

In 2018-2019, we were engaged by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. In that project, we held multiple stakeholder meetings with over 150 attendees (judges, defense counsel, prosecutors, jail personnel, evaluators, county behavioral health staff and advocates). We then developed competency to stand trial evaluations, reports and competency restoration procedures, Outpatient Competency Restoration standards, Jail-based Competency Restoration standards, templates and instructions for conducting competency evaluations and completing court reports, and a competency restoration curriculum (Compkit). We trained evaluators and counsel on competency evaluations and reports and provided technical support for implementation of a neutral evaluator model, data collection and use, and development and implementation of Jail-based competency restoration program.