Supporting Clients Making a Difference

Clients in need of new ideas and better solutions turn to IdeaCrew as a trusted source and partner. We have earned a reputation for developing innovative and effective technology solutions to address a variety of complex challenges. For example:


  • Stormwater runoff simulation and engineering-quality computations
  • Real time public transit vehicle location tracking and reporting
  • Pioneering government open data collection/curation/publication
  • High-performing health care enrollment, eligibility, and shopping

These representative projects share a subtle common thread: helping people.  This help takes on different forms: avoiding flooding in homes, improving safe and convenient access to public transportation, increasing transparency into government services and performance, or enabling health care benefit enrollment for employers, employees and families.  Each project, in its own way, is about making a difference in people’s lives.

Our clients do important work with purpose, and our support for that work is a renewable source for IdeaCrew’s “sense of service” core value.


The Starting Point: A Shared Goal

At IdeaCrew, we like to say: “You know what you want to do.  Our job is to get you there.”  We mean it.  When you hire IdeaCrew, we learn and buy into your goals.  We dedicate a great team, who work closely with your staff every step of the way, to make it happen. We anticipate that regulatory conditions and emergent business needs may introduce change during the course of a project; and because we strive to see the whole picture, we’re ready for that.

IdeaCrew knows that you have options when choosing a technology solution provider.  Our commitment to you is to deliver goal-directed technology that makes a difference—predictably, on-time, and on-budget.